Fire Stopping

Effective fire-stopping is essential not only to having a fire-safe facility but to staying compliant with the minimum life safety requirements.  With over 40 fire-stop projects now completed, and only one improperly sealed penetration found on a Joint Commission survey, SHS has arguably the best track record in the industry.   Our highly trained staff goes the extra mile to seal walls completely no matter how difficult that may be.  Our passion is knowing that we have made a hospital a safer place for all.

SHS Fire Stopping Services

  • Above Ceiling Inspection and Remediation
  • Fire-stopping of Penetrations and Construction Joints
  • Repair of Fire-proofing on structural steel
  • Reporting of Other Conditions
  • Fire stop Quality Assurance Reviews
  • Hospital Staff Training on Proper Maintenance

The SHS Fire Stopping Difference

Knowledge of proper fire-stopping installation is not common. We bring highly qualified manpower to the task of Fire-stopping Healthcare Facilities

  • CHFM, CHC, CHSP-FSM trained Fire-stopping Inspector/Installers
  • Trained in NFPA 101 and Joint Commission requirements.
  • Trained in UL and FM Rated Systems for Hilti, STI and 3M Systems
  • IFC Trained in Basic Fire-stopping, Fire-stopping Penetrations, Fire-stopping Construction Joints
    and Inspecting Fire-stopping.


SHS has developed a meaningful benchmarking system that indicates the facilities relative performance in regards to Barrier Management. Using data from our own experience, we can compare hospitals, regardless of size.

  • Our Benchmarking is simple, but effective.
  • The higher the score, the better.
  • A score of over 1,000 is the goal.