• Our passion is knowing that we have made a hospital a safer place for all.
  • Effective fire-stopping is essential to having a fire-safe facility
  • Knowledge of proper fire-stopping installation is not common.
  • SHS will fire-stop a facility then train the in-house staff in proper maintenance requirements.
  • We bring highly qualified manpower to the task of Fire-stopping Healthcare Facilities
  • CHFM, CHSP-FSM trained Fire-stopping Inspector/Installers
  • Trained in NFPA 101 and Joint Commission requirements.
  • Trained in UL and FM Rated Systems for Hilti, STI and 3M Systems
  • IFC Trained in Basic Fire-stopping, Fire-stopping Penetrations, Fire-stopping Construction Joints
    and Inspecting Fire-stopping.


  • Life Safety and other safety concerns exist in many areas within a Hospital facility.
  • Visual inspections of areas both above and below the acoustical tile ceiling by staff trained to identify deficiencies must be completed periodically.
  • Another set of eyes has proven invaluable, time and time again.
  • SHS’s trained staff will spot deficiencies and log, locate and photo document per SHS standards.
  • Findings are reported in a clear, easy to follow format helping to assure effective documentation and follow through.


  • Our survey processes identify all opportunities for improvement in Life Safety or EOC.
  • We then connect the dots between the SOC, the drawings and the actual built environment to provide a comprehensive view of the facility’s Life Safety compliance status.
  • Our recommendations will help assure a safe, code-compliant facility.
  • We educate the hospital staff for understanding of the “why” of the codes and standards to emplace sustainable change.

Life Safety Surveys

  • Statement of Conditions Review
  • Life Safety Drawings Review
  • Building Tour Above and Below Ceiling

Full EOC Surveys

  • Management Plans and Annual Evaluations
  • Policies and Procedures for the EOC
  • Safety Committee Minutes Review
  • Includes the Life Safety Survey above

Life Safety/ SOC Drawings

  • The Joint Commission has made clear what is to be contained on Statement of Conditions drawings.
  • Accurate SOC drawings are an essential first step in establishing a solid Life Safety Management program.
  • SHS can update SOC drawings quickly and accurately.
  • There are 15 required elements to Statement of Conditions drawings.
  • SHS will address all of these via building tour by a Life Safety Code expert.
  • Our SOC drawings are straightforward, clear and easy to understand.