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Fire-Stopping: Above Ceiling Inspection and Remediation

The space between the acoustical tile ceiling and the deck above is a world seldom seen but full of compliance pitfalls. From unsealed or improperly sealed penetrations in smoke and fire barriers to evidence of chronic leaks, our Above Ceiling Experts will locate, identify and help resolve these issues. Our thoroughly trained UL Rated Systems Installers will assure proper fire-stopping, correct wall stenciling and more.

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Life Safety and EOC Surveys

Whether a Custom Survey or full Mock Survey is desired, SHS’s survey process simplifies the assessment of current conditions. Our reports make clear what is in place and what is needed. Where shortfalls occur, SHS can provide Policies and Procedures, Recommendations and Education. An SHS survey will provide a solid understanding of where the organization is today, and what needs to be done to be fully compliant and safe.

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Life Safety Drawings Review/Updates

The Joint Commission has now clarified the requirements for Statement of Conditions drawings. With up to 15 issues to be displayed, few current drawings satisfy these requirements. Accurate Life Safety drawings are an essential starting point for the Life Safety Management program. SHS can update drawings to meet or exceed requirements.

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Online and On-site Training and Education

At SHS, our goal is to affect lasting improvement at our client hospitals We provide free webinars in support of our peers in Healthcare Facilities Management as well as customized, on-site education for individuals or groups where need has been identified. With Education often cut from budgets, SHS training can fill in the gaps.

SHS in the News

“I am pleased to report that in our latest triennial survey in 2015 we had NO penetrations found in either of the hospitals surveyed and we were commended by the surveying team for the excellent work to eliminate this finding from the previous survey”.

Steven J. Crichton, Vice President, Support Services, CHI St. Joseph Health System, Bryan, TX.