Life Safety and other safety concerns exist in many areas within a Hospital facility. Visual inspections of areas both above and below the acoustical tile ceiling by staff trained to identify deficiencies must be completed periodically. Another set of eyes has proven invaluable, time and time again.  SHS’s trained staff will spot deficiencies and log, locate and photo document per SHS standards.  Findings are reported in a clear, easy to follow format helping to assure effective documentation and follow through.

Our Documentation

Findings or Findings Repair Logs

  • Provide location information, the type of structure involved and the nature of the deficiency.
  • Repair logs also indicate the UL Rated system applied to each location

Sample Building Tour Survey Log  Sample Above Ceiling Survey Log

Photo documentation

  • Survey photos show observed deficiencies
  • Repair photos show before and after for each repaired issue

Sample Photo Documentation

Locator Maps

  • Each area inspected is given a unique identifier which is noted on the maps and on the logs.
  • This pinpoints the issue for the facility.

Sample Locator Map